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Would you like to learn how changes in your indoor environment could impact your health?  Join Jonathan Synovic, founder of Step Beyond Green To Healthy, as he hosts a FREE Public Education Series sharing information about changes that can be made in your home or work that could improve your health.  For each presentation, he will be joined by one of our Certified Health Members to share the effects our indoor environment could have on us, and solutions to improve it. 

Jonathan Synovic Founder of Step Beyond

Jonathan Synovic

Founder of Step Beyond Green
To Healthy 

Updating Your Home? Why Not Healthy?  Learn The Questions To Ask.

Dave will share his years of experience working with and talking to trade contractors about how to use and install healthier materials. He will cover the design process to bidding, all the way through to the finished product. The good, the bad, and the ugly of healthy building and remodeling.


  Saturday, February 24th

10:00 am  

Waukesha Public Library

David Kallie
General Contractor

Is Your Home Making You Sick? Where Do You Start? 

Ryan will walk you through their process of testing your current or prospective home to look for potential hazards, such as Mold,  Wi-Fi Radiation, and more,  and solutions to reduce them.  


Monday, February 26th

 6:30 pm 

Wauwatosa Public Library

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Ryan NPI  Heatshot_edited.jpg
Ryan Eigenfeld

Knowing What Is In Your Water- PFAS What Are They?

Whether you use city or well water -PFAS are present in the water. What are PFAS? How do they affect your health? What else could be in your water? John will answer all these questions and supply solutions to get a healthier water source in your home or office. 


 Tuesday, March 12th

 6:30 pm 

North Shore Public Library

John Atlee
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Receive 2 Free Tickets To The Realtor Home and Garden Show When You Attend Any of These Presentations 

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