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Each of our members go through an application/vetting process, a company survey, board approval and an initial 4 hour training session.  Members are to continue their education through additional Step Beyond Green to Healthy seminars to equal

4 hours every 2 years.

The Goal


Our members leave the training course with the tools and mindset that they can be part of helping people live healthier lives in their homes.

Member Training


The training course our members go through introduces them to healthier company practices; sales calls with a healthy mindset, healthier internal practices and healthier company installation practices.

It begins the discussion on how not only their company can promote, sell and install healthier products, but how to work with other like minded companies to create healthier spaces.

Member Directory


Click button below to view & download our current member directory.

"We became members because we learned very early on, how building practices can affect the health of our customers, even in water.  SBGTH gave us the ability to better understand the needs of an important section of our customer base, how we may be able to improve the work environment of our employees, and to understand other aspects of the building industry."
- Water Doctors, Waukesha WI 
"We wanted to become a member of SBGTH to learn more about how we can bring the benefits of a healthier environment to our customers. Improving the living environment our customers is ultimately our main goal and being a member of SBGTH helps us achieve that goal."
- Creative Construction of Wisconsin, West Allis WI 
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